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In the final section of the IELTS listening test, you are asked to listen to a lecture. The lecture is fairly long…or it seems long…:). And the topic of the lecture is almost always new to the student.

Please remember that listening is a process of receiving information, hearing it and taking it into the brain.

It’s not about attacking each word with your hearing to make sure you understand it. If you grab onto each word…as soon as you hear a word you don’t know, you will  stop listening and start trying to figure out that word. And, of course, the IELTS test goes right on and you find yourself lost.

So part of listening practice is learning to sit back and receive.

Here’s a website which will really help you. It’s called TED, Ideas Worth Spreading.

TED is a nonprofit which brings smart, creative people with revolutionary ideas and projects together for short lectures.  Over 700 of these lectures are on the website. They are no longer than 20 minutes, and they cover a wide range of topics.

So here’s my suggestion. Go to the website: At the top of the page, you can click on “Themes.” This will take you to a page where, on the left hand side, you will see a list of topics. Choose a topic that interests you and click again. Choose a talk and listen several times.

Then, next to “About this talk” at the top right of the page, click on “Open interactive script.” Here you’ll see the entire talk written out.  Compare what you think you know about the talk from listening to the written version. Find the confusing words and look them up. Then listen again.

Try this plan with two or three talks a week. Get into the habit of using the Ted Talks to help you listen more thoroughly and understand more completely.

Enjoy! I think you will love these listening opportunities!


There is one website which is great for your listening practice!

This website is  good because, first, you can listen to a short news story which is interesting and has current (new) information.

Then you can read the same news story to see if you understood what you heard.

Then you can see the meanings of new vocabulary words that are used in the story.

Very good!

Here it is:

Scroll to the bottom of the first page.

Click on Learning English.

Click on Words in the News.

You will see a news summary and a place to click to hear the report. Listen first before scrolling down to see the words in writing. After listening one or two, or more times, read the report and study the vocabulary.

There are many other news reports for you on this website and new ones come out often. Come to this website weekly for listening and vocabulary.

Check out other English lessons on this website.  They’re quite good!

Have fun! Enjoy your English study!

It’s difficult to understand people when they speak English very quickly. The best way to learn to understand faster speech is to practice listening to it.

Get an English movie that you love. Choose one scene. Turn off the subtitles in your own language. Then listen to the scene over and over.

At first all the words will run together, but as you keep listening, you will begin to hear the spaces between words. This will help you hear each word more clearly.

Let your eyes help you. Watch the faces and actions of the actors. These will help you understand the words. When we’re listening to people, we always use their actions and emotions to help us understand.

Listening is an art…… It can be fun, not work. Relaxation is a key. Practice is the key to relaxation.