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Posted on: May 30, 2010

(The words with an “*” may be new vocabulary. The meanings are given below the text, in my own words, or look them up at

Ploy graduated from Chiang Mai University from the Faculty of Law. She plans to go abroad to study and I was privileged* to help her study for the IELTS exam. She wrote this lovely note and drew an adorable* rabbit:

privileged:lucky or having good fortune

adorable: very very cute!


Hi! My name is Erin Palmer. I’m from America and have spent the last four and a half years teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here is a picture of a super! class of students from Chiang Mai University…

This is Boom, Prae, May, Ohm and Jhai, super students, with me at the coffee house.

I have recently returned to the United States to take care of my mother who is now 85 and am teaching English online through Skype.

I’ve taught many secondary school and undergraduate and graduate university students, doctors, city officials, teachers, high school principals and lots of young learners ages 4-6. ¬†This year I received a Best Teacher award for the year 2009 from the association of Chiang Mai private schools, the only foreign teacher to receive this award.

My students and I work together to improve speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. We focus on things that students love to talk about and do as well as what’s going on in the country and in the world. We put English to work rather than just do grammar exercises.

My background is in psychology. I have undergrad and graduate degrees in psychology as well as a TEFL certificate from Chiang Mai University.

I hope this has helped you get to know me better!