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The Day Before the Test

Posted on: September 16, 2010

Most students feel like this the day before the IELTS test:

Their heads are full and overflowing with information. They are worried about doing well.

Of course, it is stressful to take a big test like the IELTS. Everyone will be “feeling the pressure” as we would say in English.

Many students will study up to the last minute, staying up late the night before the test, reviewing and memorizing.

Actually, by the day before the test, you know all you’re going to know. You won’t learn one more thing in the last 24 hours.

You will benefit more by giving yourself time to rest and relax. Get your mind off the test. Watch a funny movie! Have dinner with a friend. Go to bed early and sleep as well as you can.

You want to rest and relax your mind just like you rest and relax your body. If your mind is well rested, it will work better for you when you get into the test.

Good luck! Have a wonderful day!


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