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Prepositions 1

Posted on: August 31, 2010

Many students feel like this when they think of prepositions.

It’s easy to see why. There are over 150 prepositions in English. There are some rules to help you but not every preposition seems to follow a rule every time it is used. So we have to memorize.

In this post, we will review some of the most often used prepositions, ones that refer to  “where” something or someone is and give some other uses as well.


This water comes in a bottle.  

We are also in love. My friend is in training to be a doctor. A student could be in trouble if he gets caught cheating on a test.  If you are giving a speech you are probably standing in front of your audience.


This cute kitten is on the table.

We are also on time if we have a 3 o’clock appointment and we arrive at 3.  My friend is on TV if she’s in a reality show. If I’m traveling to Thailand and my plane has departed, I am on the way.


The Peanuts kids are sitting under the tree.

We are also under pressure if we are stressed. Fish swim under water although we can also say a fish is in the water. If a building is in the process of being built we say it is under construction.


This little pig is behind the fence.

If my essay is due tomorrow and I have not started it yet, I’m behind on my homework.  If a soldier goes into the country of his enemy in a war, he is behind enemy lines.


These young people are laying on the grass beside one another.

But if you hear someone say: “Your comment is beside the point,” it means the comment is not important, does not relate.


This beautiful girl is standing between two cute guys.

I could also say, “Between you and me, I think Tata is the best singer in Thailand.” This means I’m telling you something that I don’t want you to tell anyone else. I’m sharing a secret with only you.  In English we also say someone is between jobs if he lost his job and has not found a new job yet.

More prepositions to come! Enjoy your English! Study every day!


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