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A Pep Talk

Posted on: August 26, 2010

In English, the term “pep talk” means a speech to inspire people.

So today, I want to give a small pep talk.

Every student I’ve ever had knew more than they thought they knew. It’s true for you as well.

You know more English than you think you know.

Your English is better than you think it is.

Trust yourself.

We are taught to always be improving. We’re told to study study study. We’re pushed forward by our families and our cultures.

So we always focus on how we need to improve. We say our English isn’t perfect. Our English isn’t good. We need to learn more, study harder.

It’s okay to have the desire to improve. It’s good to want to study and get results.

And…the one thing that always helps us learn is acknowledging* our current abilities. Appreciating* what we do know. Trusting ourselves to build on what we have already learned. Having confidence in our knowledge. Relaxing.

This is an attitude. The attitude of building and expanding the knowledge we have gathered over years of study, not the attitude of we’re never good enough.

Every student I’ve ever worked with knows the feeling of not being good enough.

This little pep talk is to say: We’re always good enough. And then there’s more to learn.

Enjoy this beautiful day…. Trust yourself.

* If you don’t know these words, look them up at


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