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Using the words, “during” and “while.”

Posted on: August 24, 2010

This came to my mind after a lesson the other day.

Do you have trouble deciding when to use the word “during” and when to use “while?” It is not difficult.

During:  Use this word with a noun.

During the day I often went to the museum to sit and relax.

During class I find myself dreaming.

During my trip to South America, I often felt homesick.

While: Use “while” when you are using a verb.

While I was studying, my phone rang five times!

While he was at his mother’s, he finished his thesis.

While we were visiting Paris, I met many students my age.

Sometimes you can choose either word, but your sentence must follow the same verb or noun rules.  For example:

Please don’t talk during the test.   Please don’t talk while taking the test.

I hope this is helpful!!

We’re all different in wonderful ways……and English helps us share our differences with one another. We do not lose our culture by learning English. We expand it.


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