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Learning Styles – More

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Ok. So we all……have different learning styles.

We’ve talked about visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Here are a few more.

Logical: We could call this type of person a systems-thinker. Someone who is logical likes to understand how information and facts link together. This learner wants to know why things work as they do, to get the full picture in order to understand or learn. Memorizing won’t work as well as understanding how something works or how things fit together.

If you are a logical learner, make lists, draw diagrams, set up systems for your subjects. Don’t get lost in analyzing things.  Set goals and decide what steps you need to take to get to them…then follow the steps.

Social: A social learner does best when interacting with others. Talking about a topic, working as part of a team, pairing up with a friend to study. All these strategies will help a social learner.

Solitary: The opposite of a social learner, a solitary learner is happier studying by him or herself. Quiet places are where a solitary learner can focus and study best.

So now you have an idea of different learning styles.  There is a test to find out yours at this website:

Enjoy this new information about how you learn. Use the tips and you will find studying and learning to easier and more effortless.


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