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Learning Styles – Visual

Posted on: August 4, 2010

The visual learner.

As I said in my last post, we all have different ways of learning. We all use several learning styles but one will be the most important.

One of the learning styles is the visual style. A person with a visual style learns best when he or she can see the information, especially in a chart or graph or picture. Visual people see pictures in their minds. When they hear the word “panda” they actually see a panda in their minds.

If you have a visual learning style, using films, pictures, flashcards, maps — any kind of image — will help you.

Look to You Tube or search the web to find film and pictures about a topic you are studying.

Use color! When you are taking notes, use colored pens. Highlight in different colors to draw your attention. Organize your work in different colored folders.

Use symbols or pictures when you’re taking notes. You can draw a picture or diagram rather than write word for word.

Organize your notes and plans for any essay in a mind map, chart, graph or picture.  Here’s another place for lots of color.

Try then out if you feel you are a visual learner! Enjoy your English!


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