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Learning Styles 1

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Good Morning super English students!

Check this out! ( “Check out” has two meanings in English. It can mean to look at something or if you borrow something, like when you go to a library and you sign your name to get a book, you are checking out that book.)


This is a wonderful diagram about learning styles.

In many schools, teaching looks like this.

The teacher is at the front of the room.

Students sit quietly in rows of desks.

The teacher talks. Students listen and take notes and learn.

However, many students have trouble with this way of teaching and learning.

This is because there is more than one way to learn. Different people have different ways of learning. We call them different learning styles.

Some people learn easily when they read about a topic.

Others learn better when they can see charts, graphs, pictures, diagrams.

Some students find listening to a lecture or a discussion the easiest way to learn.

But most students learn most easily when they can do an activity that goes along with the topic, when they can have an experience with whatever they are learning.

There is an old saying from the Chinese philosopher, Confucius.

I see, I remember.

“I hear, I know.

I do, I understand.”

Think about yourself. What way do you like to learn? Maybe there are several ways! In future posts I will talk about different learning styles, ideas for study and how to help yourself get the best grades for you!

Til then, love your English! Enjoy! Have fun!


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