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Helping Each Other

Posted on: July 30, 2010

Have you ever thought of starting your own English club?

These students did!

Starting an English Club is quite easy.

Gather a few friends.

Agree on a day and time each week.

Get together.

Speak English to one another.

Bring questions you have about English and discuss them.

Ask each person to bring one new vocabulary word and tell it’s definition.

Practice introducing yourself to one another.

Choose a theme for a meeting: family, school, hobbies, travel. Each person can say a few things about the theme.

One of my students who is a professional meets with her co-workers  one time each week for lunch and they talk about new words to add to their vocabulary. They bring questions they can’t answer to me. You can do the same or take your questions to your formal English class at school.

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. Just practice. Have fun. Laugh. Share information. Become more relaxed. Enjoy!


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