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Where does your voice come from?

Posted on: July 23, 2010

Have you ever thought about your voice?

Part of being a good speaker is having a voice people like to listen to.

A voice that is too high will not be as easy to listen to…  as a voice that is lower and more rich (no, not the “rich” that’s about money, “rich” as in pleasantly full and mellow).

A voice that is too high will also not carry very well. This means that the sound doesn’t go very far. People close to you can hear you but people who are sitting further away have to work hard to hear you.

I am not a professional voice coach, but I know a couple of tips to share.

Voice has to do with breath.

Try this.

Breathe into your belly. Put your hand on your belly and breathe in. Feel your belly rise as it fills up with air. You may have to practice this. Many people only breathe into the upper part of the chest.

When you can breathe all the way down into your belly, exhale and make a sound with your exhale. Don’t push the sound or try to make the sound big or low. Just make a natural sound from this part of your body. The sound will be deeper and richer than a sound that comes from your upper chest. Again, you will probably need to practice this.

Using this voice, practice reading something aloud.  As you become more comfortable using this voice, try it out with a friend. At first you’ll laugh and think it sounds weird, but you will get used to using this voice.

Your speaking will become more confident   and relaxed.

Be well, practice your English, don’t stress, enjoy!


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