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Making a Poster

Posted on: July 20, 2010

Many times, we create a poster to go with a presentation.

Go online to Google Images and search “posters.” Look at the hundreds of examples and decide which ones you like and why.

What makes a good poster?

Well, it depends on what you want the poster to do for you. It depends on how many people are in your audience. It depends on how close you are to your audience. And it depends on whether you will be asked to stand with your poster to answer questions at another time during the event.

The biggest problems with posters is that they can have too much information on them and they can be impossible for the audience to see.

Example 1: You are going to make a presentation at a conference. It’s about a research study and you will report the results. At another time during the conference, all the presenters will stand with their posters so conference attendees can look at them and ask questions or chat with the presenters. So you will have some people who come to hear your presentation and others who will just see your poster.

You will need enough information on the poster to interest people walking by. This may be too much information for people to read clearly during your presentation. Think about making small photocopies of the poster to hand out during your presentation. Also, highlight your most important points in yellow.

Example 2: The only people who will see your poster are those coming to your presentation. The more people at your presentation, the less information for your poster is a good way to think about it. If people are working hard to see words on your poster, they will not be listening as well as they could be.

For an interesting and effective poster:

Think about how you can organize your information so that it will be easy to understand.

Use color!

Think about using a handout for details and a poster with one large visual or some smaller ones that go with your topic.

Your presentation is the most important. Your poster is supposed to make your presentation better, to help you, not to contain your entire presentation. Use your imagination. Make your poster interesting and attractive.

Be well. Study hard, but most of all, enjoy!


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