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The Conclusion

Posted on: June 29, 2010

It would be nice if we could just end our essays with a cute drawing!

But we can’t. We have to find a creative way to finish our essays.

Many students start the conclusion with the words: “In summary” or “In conclusion.” Then they repeat what was already written in the essay.

This can be quite !

You can put your reader to sleep if you use the same words you used in the essay!

If you have to repeat your points, be creative! Use new words!

Or, try a better way! Bring in an idea that takes the reader’s mind another step. Check  out my conclusion in the post, The Finished Product.

Or, ask the reader a question.

Or, if you have a creative introduction, come back to that idea in the conclusion.

In the next posts, I will give you some examples of these writing techniques for concluding your essay.

and practice your English!


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