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The introduction

Posted on: June 28, 2010

The introduction of an essay is where we say hello to the reader… and where we tell the reader what the essay is about.

But first we have to get the reader’s attention. We want to get the reader interested in reading our essay.

We say in English: we want an attention grabber!

In my essay in the last post, I used a well known phrase which comes from an old song:

School days, school days

Dear old golden rule days

Reading and writing and arithmetic

Talk to the tune of the hickory stick…

You can also begin your essay with a question. I could have started my essay with, “Where did you go to school?” or “Do you know someone who goes to school at home?” or “Can you imagine staying at home for school?” Asking a question immediately brings the reader into the topic.

Another interesting way to grab your reader’s attention is to ask the reader to imagine.   For example: “Imagine this. It’s a school day. You get up and instead of rushing around trying to get ready for the school bus, you just go into another room of your home, sit down at your desk and begin to study.”

Maybe there’s a movie title or song title or something from your culture that connects with your essay topic and will grab your reader’s attention.

And this is important! Your attention grabber must have a real connection with your essay topic.

After your attention grabber, the next sentence can tell the reader about your essay topic. Check out how I did this in my essay in the last post.

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Have a super day!


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