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Writing a great essay (5)

Posted on: June 25, 2010

Time for your carpenter to come out and create some super sentences for your essay.

The carpenter takes the ideas and organization from the architect and then puts them into words and sentences.

The carpenter is very careful. He looks at details.

He makes sure that each sentence has a subject and verb.

He starts each sentence with a capital letter and ends each sentence with some type of punctuation.

He writes each sentence in a simple, clear way. If he is not sure about a word, he looks it up.

He knows that building an essay is one step, one sentence at a time.

Now, our judge can appear… The judge will look at the essay.

The judge checks for everything: spelling, sentences, vocabulary, organization, punctuation. This is called “editing.”

Most students never edit. But editing is a very important part of writing an essay. Without editing, an essay is always unfinished. In fact, editing 3 times is okay.

Put your essay away for a while, come back to it and edit.

Read it backwards, from the end to the beginning to find words that are not spelled correctly. That way you will look at each word rather than groups of words and you are more likely to catch mistakes.

It is okay to change everything when you edit. You may think of a better way to organize the essay. If you do, then write it again. This is the purpose of editing — to make your essay the best it can be.

Next week, I’ll finish my essay and post it for you. Til then have a great weekend!



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