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Writing a great essay (4)

Posted on: June 24, 2010

We have finished planning! Our artist has done his or her job!

Time for our architect to take over….

If you will recall, the architect’s job is to

organize ideas. What should come first? Second? Last?

Sometimes we have some strong points for our essay and one point that is not so strong. I often put my strongest points before the weaker point.

What is a good way to move from one point to the next? This is about

flow…. You want to move smoothly from one point to the next.

What ideas come from the plan that will help with the

introduction and

the conclusion?  

In the last post, I offered a mindmap of a topic: advantages and disadvantages of both public school and home school. If you were going to write this essay, what point would you write about first? How would you introduce the topic? How would you move through from topic to topic?

Before I answer these questions, we will talk about the writing of the essay and editing.  Then I’ll finish my essay about school comparisons as a sample essay for you.

Have a super day and have fun with your English study!


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