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Writing a great essay (2)

Posted on: June 20, 2010

So let’s start at the beginning….

You’re beginning an essay. You know your topic. You have done your research. Your “artist” is in charge. [See the post, Writing a Great Essay (1). ]

Your brain has thoughts about this topic. Get them on paper. Do not throw away any thoughts. Write them all down.

Because thinking jumps around, it might be best to write your thoughts on different places on your paper, making a mind map.

It is helpful to use one place on the paper to write down your feelings –confused, confident, worried, happy — whatever feelings you have during this task. I know this sounds strange. These thoughts will not be part of your essay. But clearing them out of your brain helps your brain to unload more useful information. You open yourself to your knowledge.

Sometimes your thoughts about your topic will come in words. Sometimes they will be in pictures.

As you write or draw your thoughts, just use a words or a simple drawing. This is not the time to think about grammar or sentences. This is about ideas.

Some of the ideas will be serious. Some may seem silly. Maybe you have only the beginning of an idea. All of this goes on your map.

Sound confusing?  No problem. I will make a sample mind map for you.

I am going away for a couple of days and will post a mind map when I return.

Til then,

practice your English….Bring the to you!


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