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Test Strategies – Writing task 2

Posted on: June 15, 2010

Here are some helpful hints to use for the IELTS writing test, task 2.

1. Read the instructions and the question closely. Make sure you are clear about what the question asks.

2. Plan, plan, plan! Before you write anything, make a plan. I will do a post just on this topic soon. Now I will say that this is the most important step. A mind map is often the best way to plan.

3. Try not to use the same words in your essay as are used in the question. Try to use your own words to say what your essay is about.

4. This essay is weighted more heavily than task 1. This means that it counts for more than 50% of your writing score so it is important to complete it. If you have used 20 minutes for task 1, then you have another 40 minutes for this essay.

5. Sometimes it’s hard to think of a good introduction as the first thing to write. You can begin writing the body and go back later to write the introduction.

6. Keep your statements simple and clear.

7. Try not to just repeat what you’ve written when you get to the conclusion. If you cannot think of a creative way to end your essay and the only thing you can do is summarize what you have said, then use different words.

7. Edit! I will do another post on editing soon. Here I will say that it’s okay to add words or strike out words if you find mistakes after your essay is written. It’s better to be correct than pretty.


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