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Posted on: June 11, 2010

This post is dedicated to my friend, Im, from Chiangmai and all her Facebook friends! You are mostly graduates, I’m sure,  and are now out in the world making yourselves known and famous…Yes!!

So here are some thoughts especially for you about how to connect with others in your world of work, especially when you need to express yourself to groups — big or small — in English or in Thai.

Communicating well and being understood by others is partly about making a real connection with them. You can only really connect from the natural parts of yourself. Interestingly, the natural parts of ourselves are the parts we often feel the most shy about. Nonetheless, this is where our ability to be genuine lives.

When you allow yourself to communicate naturally — not trying to be someone that you are not — you begin to develop your own style. And this is what this post is really about…finding your own style.

In your jobs, as you grow and are promoted to more and more responsible positions, many of you will have numerous chances to speak to groups in one form or another. You will be most effective when you can find what’s special about you and use it in your communication.

An example: I had an IELTS student who is a doctor, a pain management specialist. He often gives talks. He also loves to search the internet for cute icons and characters. So he connected his hobby with his speaking and incorporates funny and interesting characters in his slides for all his talks. He knows that keeping everyone’s attention is challenging and that medicine is very serious. So he lights people up and lights up his talk with unexpected humor.

Maybe you are visual in this way or maybe you’re a storyteller, like me, and can bring a story into your talk that describes your point.

Maybe you are very active and find moving around when you speak, gesturing and showing your emotions with your face and body to be much more fun and interesting for your audience.

Maybe you’re relational — that is very happy when you are relating to others. So when you speak, you might ask questions of your audience, drawing them into what you’re saying, asking them to think with you rather than just listen to you.

What is your style?

You have a unique style to help you connect and communicate. If you can use it, you will become more relaxed and sure in your life and work.

, Im, for your support and kindness!


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