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How we learn, Part 1

Posted on: May 31, 2010

(The words with an “*” may be new vocabulary. The meanings, in my words, are below the text or look them up at

It would be nice if we all learned in the same way….but we do not!

Everyone learns a little differently. Some of us learn predominantly* by seeing, others by hearing, others by doing. In other words, some students will learn best when they can see pictures or charts of the information. Others will learn most easily when they listen to a lecture.  And many students learn most effectively* when they can do an exercise or an activity about the information they are studying. These different ways of learning are called learning styles.

Which learning style is yours? It is important to know the answer to this question. When you know what your learning style is, you can help yourself to learn more effortlessly* and easily.

How We Learn, Part 2 will tell you how to identify your learning style.

predominantly: in this case, best or most easily

effectively: better or more quickly and easily

effortlessly: easily, with little effort


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