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Posted on: May 30, 2010

(The words with an “*” may be new vocabulary. The meanings are below the text, in my own words or look them up at

Do you feel anxious* when you study English? Afraid that you will make a mistake, that you won’t be perfect? Nervous about what others will think of you if you don’t get it right?

We all have these feelings when we’re learning something new.

But anxiety* slows down learning. It gets in the way like a wall between your brain and the information you are trying to learn.   Anxiety slows down your learning.

When you start getting anxious, look at what happens in your body. Do you clench your fists?…

Does your stomach go into a knot?

Try to just breathe and slow down your thinking until only your breathing exists.

Being aware of your breath will help you relax. When you are relaxed, the door to learning is open. Your brain can take in information. You can think more clearly. You can learn to trust yourself and what you already know.

anxious (adjective), anxiety (noun): a feeling that is a kind of fear or worry


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