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Practice, Practice, Practice

Posted on: May 29, 2010

(Words with an “*” may be new vocabulary. Definitions in my own words appear below the text or go to

The only way to learn English is to speak it. In Thailand, most language classes focus* on grammar. Grammar is important but if you don’t use the language, if you don’t put the grammar to work, then English cannot be yours. Be proactive* in creating an English discussion group with other students who are studying the language. Meet regularly, for lunch or at the coffee shop. Bring an English dictionary. ¬†Speak only English and help one another. Talk about everyday things: the weather, shopping, school, movies. Laugh at your mistakes…we all make them. Have fun!

focus: to direct your attention to one thing, to think about one thing

proactive: to create something yourself rather than react to what another person has done or said


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