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The IELTS writing test

Posted on: May 28, 2010

(Words followed by “*” may be new vocabulary. Their meanings, in my words, are written below the text. Or go to

The essays are the scariest part of the test for many students. Two important keys to a good essay are (1) planning and (2) keeping it simple.

When the test begins, it is easy to just start writing. But your essay can only be organized and clear if you think about the points you want to make and decide what comes first, second and so on…BEFORE you begin to write.

Many students try to impress* the examiner by trying to write in a very advanced and sophisticated* way.  It is more important to write in a clear, simple and direct way.

impress: to affect strongly in a good way

sophisticated: high-class


2 Responses to "The IELTS writing test"

I like your posts. Great. Keep going…

Thanks so much! It’s great fun writing this blog and very nice to receive feedback.

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